Aanverwante diensten

You could already read on our services page that we can help you train your dog. For example, we teach your dog to obey. In addition, we can teach the animal agility. This is useful if you ever want to participate in competitions. However, it doesn’t just stop with training. We can also ensure that your animal is healthy and looks well cared for. Below we briefly explain three of these options.

1. Washing

Like humans, dogs can also sweat. This is especially the case on warm days. They often get warm because of their coat. Plus, dogs love to roll up on everything. This makes the bugs dirty pretty quickly. And then we haven’t even talked about changing from summer to winter coat and vice versa. This is associated with a lot of hair loss. Do you want a clean dog that is not completely full of hair? Then bring your dog to us regularly. We wash the animal extensively and make sure it looks beautiful again!

2. Grooming appearance

Some dogs’ fur grows very quickly. To prevent your animal’s hair from getting too long, you should have this updated regularly. We can cut your dog’s coat. This way you ensure that your dog always looks neat and beautiful. Incidentally, we do not only focus on cutting the coat. This way we can also cut the nails of dogs. This is also necessary once in a while. Are you not doing this? Then your dog can cause a lot of damage with its nails.

3. Cleaning ears

Litter eventually accumulates in the ears of many dogs. If you do not get this mess removed regularly, your dog’s ear can become infected. This is particularly painful for a dog. Do you want your dog to be spared this pain? Then bring the animal to us regularly to clean its ears. We ensure that the ears are properly washed, so that mess disappears. This minimizes the chance of your dog’s ear problems.


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